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China Markt Entry


Phase One: China Market Entry Evaluation & Analysis:
DGSS helps to evaluate market opportunity in your market segment, to identify the competitive landscape in China market arena and areas in which competitive weakness can be exploited and ultimately provide you with extensive china market research so that your product or service gets success in the Chinese market. For ensuring comprehensive market research we have the following services: · Market Investigation Service (M. I. S.)
· Industrial Study Service (I. S. S.)
· Consumer Research Service (C. R. S.).
A. Market Investigation Service (M. I. S.)
M.I.S. is a part of the China market research service of DGSS. Our Market investigation service will help you on your strategic planning and decision-making while launching a new product/service in the Chinese market. The features of M.I.S. are: · Name List Collection
· Standardized Research Projects
· Pricing Survey
· Follow-up Investigation
· Tailored Research Project
B. Industrial Study Service (I. S. S.)
Our extensive study and vast experience of Chinese industries enable us to give you superb industrial study service. Our I.S.S. will give you a comprehensive idea about the machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, telecommunication and IT equipment, pharmaceuticals, light industry, foodstuff and many more categories of industries. The basic contents of category of China market research service are: · Macro-policy Research · Overall Industry Situation · Consumer Review On New Products and Services · Marketing Strategy · Channel Analysis · Research on Satisfaction Degree of Before and After Sales Service · Research on End User · Brand Research C. Consumer Research Service (C. R. S.)
DGSS provides C.R.S. on the areas like consumer demands, consumption mentality, buying decision-making and buying behavior and more. The "Consumer Research" part of the China market research service is carried out in two ways. One is "quantitative study"- conducted by door-to door interview, telephone interview, online survey, mailing interview, central location interview etc. The other one is the "qualitative study", carried out through focus group discussion, in-depth interview, observation, mystery shopper. The contents of C.R.S. are:- · Market Barrier Analysis on new Non-prescription · Research on Product Orientation & Pricing Strategy · Research on Marketing Association Strategy · Sales Promotion Analysis · Channel Analysis · Advertisement Research · Research on Major Regional Distributors · Potency Content Research · Competitor Trend Research · Brand Research CHINA MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY:

Phase Two: China Market Entry Strategy: · Identification of critical success factors · Analysis of potential risks · Decide the appropriate entry strategy such as Exports, Representative Office Establish men, Joint Venture or Wholly Foreign Owned Business Entity · Identify key cultural differences that will impact your business and how to overcome these differences · Determine capitalization requirements and develop preliminary budget · Identify potential customers (end-users, classical distribution etc.) · Recommendations of distribution channels · Identify potential Joint Venture partners (as necessary) · Develop introduction roadmap · Recommendation of potential risk control · Identify staffing requirements · Identify strategic relationships within local government and industry · Research office locations depending upon business and key customer base · Analysis of possible distribution channels


Phase Three: China Market Entry Implementation:
· File appropriate forms, documents for business registration and monitor the approval process · Contact major potential Chinese partners who might be your dealers, agents or distributors or joint venture partners · Evaluate and screen the companies based on pre-requisite conditions as per your requirements and their willingness to cooperate with your company · China visiting plan (including itinerary of business trip to China, meeting schedule, participate the meeting to, assist in negotiation, hotel booking, transport arrangement, interpretation etc.)
· Arrange partner introductions with potential companies · Arrange for services and products demonstrations and/or promotions · Advice on terms and conditions negotiation with target companies · Conduct in-depth analysis of those companies · Interface with China legal counsel (as required) · Identify office, factory, manufacturing and/or R&D space · Negotiate contracts and terms(G&A services, joint venture, business partner) · Provide marketing, interim sales, and/or executive management in China

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