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 Here is a list of questions and answers done between Jery  and our team, that day.

1. How many suppliers do you meet with before you choose a final one?
Jery: There is no such thing as a “final” manufacturer. I am always in the process of
evaluating, even if I do have a factory.
On my last trip, we visited about four factories of various sizes. Some were big and others
were “mom and pop-like”.
It takes time for both the factory and myself to prove to each other, but once you actually
start working together, you will have more insight for planning the future.
2. Why are you meeting so many factories ? You know it takes time anyway.
Jery:  Building up a factory network, or simply put, have a backup plan.
We wish to go with “Plan A”, but there are times when we need a ‘Plan B’.
With a good factory network, this will not be a huge problem, considering under stressful
circumstances with tight deadlines etc.
Also, this is part of the experience to be able to differentiate the responsible factories and
those which are not. It takes time but it’s important.
3.  Why do you think building a China factory network is such important ?
JeryThere are definitely many reasons to build a factory network.
From my point of view, I can get more price references for quoting.
This is important, it enables me to compare pricing, and also check out the market rate. In
any case, abnormalities can be easily identified. Take for example; when a factory quotes
double of others, we are certain that the quote attained for this factory is not accurate.
Also, this gives you a good opportunity to gain advise from other factories as well.
There are many manufacturing problem we might face during production. During such
circumstances, it is best to consult professionals in the same line of industry. Factories are
then the best people to go to.
With a good factory network, we can easily gain good advice from other factories when dealing with production.
We will then be able to solve potential problems efficiently without delay.
4. Why in China, a business meeting only starts half way during the meal ?
Jery:  Well, I don't know. Ask you guys ..

In contrary to business meetings in western countries, business in China usually starts off
There must be the culture difference here. I know most of the Chinese businessman will not be willing
to talk business without getting to know you. I call it breaking the ice or earning your trust.
5. Are your China suppliers going to fire you when it suits them ?
Jery:  I hope not, but this is understandable.
Factories need time to trust the clients, and the clients need time to build the confidence with the
factories. For the western companies, you always want to have a backup factory anyway.
Compare how they work and then rank them according to the results. Keep that process up
over time and refine it as you go, that way you will have a primary factory and a secondary factory.

“Our competitive culture and vested interest to succeed represents an unparalleled motivation to make our partners' clients a success – we know if they succeed, we succeed.”