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Order Follow Up

At the date of the order confirmed by our clients, we will set up a producing schedule with the suppliers and we will track the production according to the schedule. If any unexpected things happened, we will negotiate with the factory for the better improving and will keep our clients updated with the status of the producing. We will pay attention not only to the producing progress but also to the quality of the products to ensure the order will be produced in due time and in good quality.

Quality Control
Our DGSS Quality Control Service includes four parts:
I) Pre-production Check
*To check if the raw material’s is in good condition
*To check if the production line is well understood all the requirement and is ready to begin the production.
II) During Production Check
*To check if the process of the production is in accordance with the production schedule
*To check the quality of the goods being produced
III) Pre-Shipment Check
*To check the quality the products
*To check the quantity of the products
*To check the packaging, labeling, shipping mark of the products
*To check the specific requirement defined by the client
IV) Container Loading Check
*To check the quantity of the products being loaded
*To check the condition of the container
*To check the right P.O products being delivered.

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