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For VCs & Investment

And although viability, distribution, marketing, organization and funding are all key to success, many times price and manufacturing solutions are the key factors that can make or break the deal. This is where DGSS fits well into the equation.


DGSS’ role is to source manufacturing in global. This frees management teams to focus on the marketing, sales and organizational strategies critical to success. With many years of experience sourcing products and services in China and oversea has given us key insights that the investment community has found to be invaluable.


In many cases we are considered to be critical team members to these ventures and serve on their advisor boards. If you are a VC, Investment Banker or Angel Investor with a project that could use DGSS, please make contact. We want to help you bring your project to life.

“Our competitive culture and vested interest to succeed represents an unparalleled motivation to make our partners' clients a success – we know if they succeed, we succeed.”